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Bruschetta Toscana (v) £3.95

Traditional bruschetta with chopped tomato in a garlic olive oil and fresh basil marinade
Toasted ciabatta bread coated with Olive oil and garlic

Pane all’Aglio (v) £3.20

Toasted ciabatta bread coated with Olive oil and garlic

Zuppa del Giorno £3.90

Freshly made soup of the day (please ask your server)

Funghi Campagnola (v) £4.95

Mushrooms sautéed with white wine and garlic oil & rocket salad served
on a toasted slice of ciabatta bread

Primi Piatti

Penne Puttanesca (v) £6.95

Freshly cooked pasta with anchovies, black olives

Strigoli alla Norma £7.50

Fresh  pasta, with Luganega sausage
chopped aubergines, cooked in a light tangy tomato sauce

Risotto Campagnola (v) £6.95

Carnaroli rice souteéd in a light creamy mushroom sauce

Pollo alla contadina £12.95 with the lunch deal £ 3.00 extra

Fillets of chicken in a creamy  mushroom sauce,
Michele’s own recipe

2 Course Lunch with a Coffee  £9.95

 All items on our menu are prepared to order. We are grateful for your patience during busy periods.
Some items on our menu may not be suitable for customers with specific dietary requirements including nut
allergies. Please ask for assistance at any time